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Avoid dents in your pocket with Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal, paintless dent repair, PDR, or dent repair – you get it, there are a number of terms used to refer to the miraculous technique used to repair hail dents and even remove large dents in motor vehicles.

Thanks to paintless dent removal you no longer have to send your beloved vehicle for panel beating, or pay any outrageous panel beating costs and prices, or go weeks without your vehicle because it’s stuck in a panel beating workshop and you’re too scared to ask for it back.

Paintless dent removal hail dent repair

PDR is Environmentally-Friendly

For the green geeks and nature enthusiasts, PDR also offers a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional dent removal techniques.

The process does not require the use of any chemicals dissimilar to traditional auto-body shop methods.

Janson Paintless Dent Removal Port Elizabeth

At Janson Paintless Dent Removal we’re all about good car care, removing dents, and of course, delivering high quality, prompt PDR services.

We are associated with several insurance companies and car dealerships, making our services just that bit more accessible.

As a business owner, a certified paintless dent technician and a qualified paintless dent removal training instructor, I believe in supplying superior service without any fine print.

Unlike the outdated panel beating method, PDR does not require any auto-body sanding, dent filling, car re-spraying or re-painting.

PDR involves paint free dent removal, consequently there is no risk of paint overspray on other areas of your vehicle and there is absolutely no risk of incorrect paint colour matching, supporting the preservation of your vehicle’s original paint work and the protection of your car’s valuation.

PDR entails using specially designed PDR tools and rods to slowly manipulate the dented surface of your vehicle by massaging the soft metal back to its original appearance.

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