Auto Detailing & Valet

Welcome to Janson Auto Detailing

We provide exceptional service predominantly to car dealerships and private clients.

Our aim is to guarantee that every customer we interact with becomes a customer for life.

We do so by making sure the standard of detail in both the customer service and final product are beyond their expectations.

Instead of settling for your average garage car wash allow us attend to all your auto-detailing needs.

Helping you help your motor-vehicle with its paint maintenance, preserving its long term value.

Auto-detailing services

The Janson team pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a wide variety of auto-detailing services.

We offer the following services:

  • paint polishing and buffing,
  • extensive detail valeting,
  • odour removal,
  • paintless dent repair,
  • paint reconditioning,
  • and general car washing.

We always ensures our service is professional, by going through each vehicle with its owner customer in order to address their concerns.

Additionally, along with 30 years of paintless dent removal experience that we provide our clients, our car detailing service is far superior to any other auto valet service in Port Elizabeth.

Car valeting products

Janson Auto Detailing uses only top quality and approved car valeting products and valeting equipment.

Most notably the well-renowned G3Pro and Farecla polishes and waxes.

Furthermore, our car valet is suitable for all makes and types of passenger motor vehicles and motorcycle detailing.

No vehicle detailing job is too big or too small for the Janson Auto-Detailing team.

Affordable and Convenient

Our service is most affordable and convenient featuring a fetch and delivery or an onsite service.

Moreover, our auto-detailing equipment, auto care and cleaning products are of the highest quality, safe for you, your vehicle, and the environment.

When you leave your vehicle with us you can rest assured that whether you come in for a basic valet detailing or you bring your vehicle in for a full valet service that every detail will be done thoroughly and proficiently.

Our team is proud of our trouble and complaint free service record.

Quality car care adds immediate resale value to your motor vehicle, by significantly improving its appearance and by ensuring it is kept in the best condition.

Contact Janson Auto Detailing Port Elizabeth

Please feel free to contact us in order to check detailing prices and book an auto valet service at our branch in Port Elizabeth.

Alternatively contact Minette on 072 129 6450



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