Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Tools

Janson Paintless Dent Removal is the authorised stockist and distributor for Paintless Dent Removal Tools in South Africa for the following companies:

  • A1
  • Elim A Dent
  • Finesse

Check the full range below:



Please contact us for more information or if you wish to inquire about additional Paintless Dent Repair Tools.


Is your Car's "Summer Body" ready?

In the spirit of summer, let’s hit the gym and get into shape for a holiday at the coast. Sunblock, peak caps, costumes, towels and flip-flops and tools for the best sandcastle ever! These are just a few items to get you started.

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Spring Cleaning - Your Car Valet in Port Elizabeth

It is that time of year again where we try to clear out the unused items and give our homes a fresh look and feel. It takes time and we often end up creating more work for ourselves than necessary, but after all the sweat, blood and tears the result is totally worthwhile. 

So why not include a car wash valet in the big clean out process and feel refreshed at home and when you are traveling. When last have you opened up your cars bonnet and had a look at the aesthetic state of your engine?

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Take a peek at your seats - Janson’s Car Detailing & Valet Service

Everyone has an interior vehicle fabric preference, what is yours? Have you opted for leather, material or a combination of both?

Each option has positive and negative aspects, but things like longevity and stain removal isn’t a concern if you are dealing with Janson’s Car Detailing and Valet Service.

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