PDR Tool Set Accessories

1. AKD-4, AKD-Soft, FT-PS, FT-PB, FT-PR, CH-10, CH-2, DP-1,  Hail Hook, HM-Soft, HP-2 x 2 pieces, HS-2, KD-UB, KD-WS, RR-1/8, RR-1/4, GC-12, WP-SS, WW-Curved.

2. Optically clear and very thin, it quickly and easily fills even the tightest areas in every break.

3. Simply attach the fulcrum kit with desired tips. Tighten in place and push away. 

4. Comes with TWO rope ratchets:


  • RR-1 (1/8") 2 Rope Ratchets
  • RR-2 (1/4") 2 Rope Ratchets


5. Add on Rachet Handles

Please contact us for more information or if you wish to inquire about additional Paintless Dent Repair Tools.