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The Devil is in the Detail - Auto Detailing

Car wash season is upon us. Instead of settling for just washing your vehicle in the driveway allow us attend to all your auto- detailing needs.

Our aim is to help you help your motor-vehicle with its paint maintenance and preserve its value.

Our valet services comprise of cleaning the entire interior of your vehicle, including your air vents, removing all bad odours, cleaning your roof lining and removing all stains, cleaning your entire engine bay, as well as your spare tyre and all your tyres and rims.

In order to ensure our customers only receive professional auto-car detailing services, we follow the five basic step process so that we can ensure your car leaves us in show room condition.


When washing your car it is important to wash it in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

It is important to use a good quality sponge, car wash specific washing brushes or lamb wool washing pads.

NB! Using old t-shirts and other similar materials to wash, dry, polish or wax a car is not advisable as these materials are the main causes of fine scratches and swirl marks.

When drying your car it is important to use only 100% clean, dry terry cotton towelling. We avoid using synthetic or genuine hide as these are also causers of scratches


By paint cleaning your car we make sure that all the heavily bonded contaminants that still remain after washing are removed.

Testing to see if you need to clean your vehicles paint surface can be done simply by running your open hand gently over the paint surface after washing, if you do not feel a mirror smooth surface then a clean is needed.

3. Polishing

We remove lightly bonded contaminants, fine scratches and swirls by polishing your vehicle.

Hint: For good scratch removal, run your finger nail over the scratch, if you can feel the scratch it might be too deep for hand polishing.

4. Protecting

When we wax your car we apply a protective layer over the paint, by doing this we seal it and protect it from chemical etching which is usually found in bird excreta, insect splatter, industrial fallout, sea spray and your day-to-day driving.

At Janson auto-detailing we only promise the best professional service, we only utilise top quality environmentally friendly products and which promises that our clients get value for their money.


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