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What to look for in PDR Tools

Whether you’re new to Paintless Dent Removal or a PDR veteran and you’re in the market to buy some PDR tools then you’ve landed in the right place.

The aim of this blog is assist all certified PDR technicians in making the right PDR tool purchase.

If you’ve been in PDR for a while now, you already know that the quality of some PDR tools is not always the best.

PDR Tools South Africa 

We have experienced some pretty shoddy quality ourselves over the years. Sadly some of you may have already bought poorly crafted PDR tools.

Most victims of these crimes were tempted into buying the tools because they were at a more affordable price.

Unfortunately the quality of your tools can very easily define the quality of your work regardless of how skilled you are.

The truth is most low-quality, knock-off PDR tools are much cheaper than those that are manufactured by established PDR tool manufacturers.

However unlike the low-quality tools that easily break after only a few days/months of use, more expensive higher quality tools can be used for years before needing to be replaced.

What to look for in PDR tools?



  • High quality tools make it easier and faster to repair dents, saving you time and giving you more time to make money.
  • High quality tools can offer the correct strength and movement needed for successfully repairing a dent.


Materials Used


  • As with most products, good quality materials produce good quality tools.
  • Quality materials may include high carbon steel or aluminum.
  • Tools should be heat treated for maximum hardness and strength.
  • Tool handles should be hot dipped for more comfort and easy use of the tool.
  • To aid with rust prevention tools can be chrome plated.




  • Like we have mentioned before if you buy cheap – expect low quality tools.
  • When shopping around for PDR tools and tool-set it is important to do some research on the manufacturer of the products.


Janson Paintless Dent Repair Tools South Africa

We source our wide range of Paintless Dent Repair tools internationally to provide you with the best quality at the best price.

Exclusively positioned as official distributor in South Africa, we are able to provide you with a professional range of PDR tools.

For more information please contact us.







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