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How do you save water?

By now, we should all be in the habit of saving water – each of us make various sacrifices along the way in order to adhere to hefty water saving restrictions. Which water saving tips do you follow and how far have you taken your responsibility to save water? How far have you been willing to go to preserve our scarce resource?

What comes to mind when you think about ways to save water, and do you follow water saving tips? If you are serious about saving water, we are pretty sure that having your car washed is not one of the strategies that come to mind.

Reuse and recycle water where you can

Port Elizabeth is drought-ridden and we must reuse and recycle water where we can. What happens to our beautiful cars when we have to save water?  What do we do when the once so shiny and gorgeous paintwork starts to fade under months of dirt, because we have been determined to save every possible drop?

Do we resort to borehole water and run the risk of damaging our gorgeous shiny assets or do we home-car-valet with grey water from the washing machine? Neither of these are a fun solution, but all hope is not lost. At Janson’s Car Detailing Valet Service our equipment recycles the water that we use.

Guilt-free car wash and valet Port Elizabeth

Save water valet your vehicle at Janson

We spend a great deal of time and money in and on our vehicles, so we should take care of them, and we should feel a sense of pride when using them. What if we told you that while you take care of your vehicle you could also be saving water? 

Janson's Car Valet Service has got the best attention to detail in town, but we are also extremely environmentally conscious. Our business is also about how to save water.

We have a wonderful fully automated water plant that recycles the water we use for valeting. So we are able to safely wash cars over and over again using the same water. This sounds impossible and surely it would cause damage to our gorgeous shiny assets? The answer is no, it is perfectly safe, dirt particles and chemicals are totally filtered out, leaving the water perfectly clean for a perfect car wash. Filtered water is stored in tanks and used when needed.

Janson's water saving Car Detailing Valet Service

Professional, efficient and water saving valet services – what more could you ask for? 

Wait, we have more, we have the best car polish products too. Whatever your needs are, be it a full or mini valet we will take care of all the details and you can drive off in your shiny asset - guilt free.

Contact Freddy on 082 883 2722 or Minette on 072 129 6450 if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. We are situated at 361 Cape Road, next to the Caltex Service Station.


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