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Get your Dent Fix at Janson PDR Port Elizabeth

Imagine this… You get a brand new car, it’s beautiful and it's glowing with awesomeness and you couldn’t be more proud. What happens to that feeling of pride when your new car gets a nasty ding on the door or bumper? 

Dent repair Port Elizabeth PDR

What do you do when the bumper gets crumpled in and ruins the front, who do you turn to and who will fix this mess? Is your car going to be marked by this door ding forever and what is going to happen to the resale value? 

Janson’s Paintless Dent Removal and Auto Detailing is the answer to this problem in every way.  That awful, sinking feeling that your car is no longer going to be what it was is a thing of the past.

Dent Master

Almost all of us have had a nasty experience with a dent in some shape or form. They come in various shapes and sizes and appear randomly, or even not so randomly. It is a risky business driving your car around town, avoiding trolleys, poles, other cars, low laying obstacles and even heavy fingers on your bonnet at petrol stations – the possibilities are endless. Janson is a dent master and we have the dent removal tools to match. 

Paint Dent Removal

Plastic bumper repairs can seem overwhelming especially if the dent is so bad that the bumper is completely crumpled in. It seems impossible that the crumpled mess will ever recover, but it can and we will make it happen. 

After inspection of your auto dent repair, you will not even notice that a dent was ever there.  Paintless Dent Removal is a highly skilled technique that is developed over time and with lots of training and expertise. Not everyone can do it nor do they do it with such care and attention to detail as Janson’s Paintless Dent Removal and Auto Detailing.

Dent Repair Cost

This all sounds too good to be true, so how much does it cost? 

For one, paintless dent repair does not involve any spraying or respraying. It does not involve rebuilding or replacing doors or bumpers or the body of the car. It is a careful manipulation of the existing material, to return the affected area back to its original form. 

The costs involved are not comparable to a body shop and you will save yourself a lot of money choosing this option.

Get your Dent Fixed

Bring your car in to Janson’s Paintless Dent Removal and Auto Detailing and we will give you a detailed inspection and quote based on your needs and the work required to fix your dents.

Contact Freddy on 082 883 2722 or Minette on 072 129 6450 if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. We are situated at 361 Cape Road, next to the Caltex Service Station.


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