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Spring Cleaning - Your Car Valet in Port Elizabeth

It is that time of year again where we try to clear out the unused items and give our homes a fresh look and feel. It takes time and we often end up creating more work for ourselves than necessary, but after all the sweat, blood and tears the result is totally worthwhile. 

So why not include a car wash valet in the big clean out process and feel refreshed at home and when you are traveling. When last have you opened up your cars bonnet and had a look at the aesthetic state of your engine? 

Spring cleaning - Car wash and Valet Port Elizabeth

Spring cleaning should be ruthless, and it should also be thorough, so let it include an engine valet as well an exterior car valet and an interior car valet of your vehicle.  Let us be honest though, who wants to clean the car after all that hard work getting the house in tip top shape? Who has time for that?

Luckily, you do not have to do this yourself, at Janson’s Car Detailing and Valet Service we have the team, the skills and the experience to match. It is our business to take on the task of cleaning your car and it is not only at spring time that we can do a full car valet.

Car wash

Janson’s Car Detailing and Valet Service is no ordinary car wash, when you bring your vehicle in for a car wash detailing, we will inspect your car with you and advise you on what needs to be done or what can be done. 

We will have a look at the interior, like your, engine, seat upholstery, mats, steering wheel, dash and other bits and pieces that may need some extra TLC. We will also detail the exterior of your car and inspect the condition of your paint work. After a good car wash with the best car shampoo, why not have your car polished to seal the deal?

Car polish

We often neglect to polish our vehicles and sometimes forget how much time has gone by since the last paint treatment. This negatively affects the aesthetics of our vehicles and can cause them to look a tad worse-for-wear. 

Janson’s Car Detailing and Valet Service can revive the look of your paintwork with the best car care products on the market. We will condition the paint and help you to retain a new car look.

Who to Contact for your Auto Car Detailing Valet

Please feel free to contact Janson’s Auto Detailing Port Elizabeth for more information on their services or to find out about the auto detailing valet prices. 

Alternatively, contact Freddy on 082 883 2722 or Minette on 072 129 6450 if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. They are conveniently situated at 361 Cape Road, next to the Caltex Service Station.

Give your car a spring clean dip and feel utterly invigorated.


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