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Is your Car's "Summer Body" ready?

In the spirit of summer, let’s hit the gym and get into shape for a holiday at the coast. Sunblock, peak caps, costumes, towels and flip-flops and tools for the best sandcastle ever! These are just a few items to get you started.

Auto detailing Port Elizabeth

Coastal holidays are one of the perks of summer, but after all the fuss at the beach somehow most of the sand will follow you home. Beach sand should be the ninth wonder of the world. It gets in all over the show, and is near impossible to get rid of. 

So, when dad insists that you dust your feet off before you get into the car, just do it even though it may seem like a pointless exercise, especially when the dog flies in prematurely. 

Sadly though, no matter how much dusting you do, there will still be heaps of beach-time evidence left over.

Valeting as an internal wonder

At Janson’s Auto Detailing and Valet Service, we will hunt down every last grain of sand and erase that beach-time evidence from your vehicle. Give your vehicle a car wash valet so you can keep the memories made at the beach and forget the mess.

Salty sea water can leave quite a mark on the seats too, but luckily those can also be dealt with by getting a car seat valet by Janson’s Auto Detailing and Valet Service. Our interior car valet is exceptional and your vehicle will feel fresh and clean once more.

Car polish (Sunblock for cars)

We mentioned sunblock before, please apply this liberally to prevent premature aging and melanoma. The sun is ruthless in the summer months, so while you put on your sunblock why not care for the paint work on your vehicle by bringing it in for the best car polish in town. 

We provide professional car detailing and we can provide you with advice on what your car needs. Paint rejuvenation really is a must do in summer.

Enquiries on car detailing services

Please feel free to contact Janson’s Auto Detailing Port Elizabeth for more information on their car detailing services or to find out about the auto detailing valet prices. 

Alternatively, contact Freddy on 082 883 2722 or Minette on 072 129 6450 if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. They are conveniently situated at 361 Cape Road, next to the Caltex Service Station


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